The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization 

The World Health Organization has published international guidelines for the safety of swimming pools and similar recreational-water environments, including standards for minimizing microbial and chemical hazards.[1] The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provides information on pool sanitation and water related illnesses for health professionals and the public.[2] The National Swimming Pool Foundation provides a Certified Pool/Spa Operator certification which is accepted by many state and local health departments.

Pathogenic contaminants are of greatest concern in swimming pools as they have been associated with numerous recreational water illnesses (RWIs).[5] Public health pathogens can be present in swimming pools as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Diarrhea is the most commonly reported illness associated with pathogenic contaminants, while other diseases associated with untreated pools are Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis.[6][7] Other illnesses commonly occurring in poorly maintained swimming pools include otitis externa, commonly called swimmers ear, skin rashes and respiratory infections.


Modern digital equipment when used in conjunction with automatic chemical feeders results in stable pH and chlorine levels. Check with your local jurisdiction if you are adding chemicals by hand to the water, since there is generally a wait time within the health code so that swimmers are not injured. 

Chemical parameters include disinfectant levels according to regulated pesticide label directions. pH should be kept between 7.2-7.8. Human tears have a pH of 7.4, making this an ideal point to set your pool. [11] More often than not, it is improper pH and not the sanitizer that is responsible for irritating swimmers’ skin and eyes. Total alkalinity of 80-120 ppm and calcium hardness between 200 – 400 ppm Good hygienic behaviors at swimming pools is also important for reducing health risk factors at swimming pools and spas. Showering before swimming can reduce introduction of contaminants, and showering again after swimming will help to remove any. Those with diarrhea or other gastroenteritis illnesses should not swim within 2 weeks of an outbreak, especially children. Cryptosporidium is chlorine resistant. To minimize exposure to pathogens, swimmers should avoid getting water into their mouths and never swallow pool or spa water.


Maintaining an effective concentration of disinfectant is critically important in assuring the safety and health of swimming pool and spa users. When any of these pool chemicals are used, it is very important to keep the pH of the pool in the range 7.2 to 7.8-according to the Langelier Saturation Index, or 7.8 to 8.2- according to the Hamilton Index; higher pH drastically reduces the sanitizing power of the chlorine due to reduced oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), while lower pH causes bather discomfort, especially to the eyes. However, according to the Hamilton Index, a higher pH can reduce unnecessary chlorine consumption while still remaining effective at preventing algae and bacteria growth.


To help ensure the health of bathers and protect pool equipment, it is essential to perform routine monitoring of water quality factors (or “parameters”) on a regular basis. This process becomes the essence of an optimum water quality management program.

Corporate Audio Visual Must Be Perfect!

Corporate Audio Visual

Through professionally qualified, highly experienced and helpful technicians coupled with a real willingness to go that extra mile for our clients, PURE AV has earned a strong reputation as one of Europe’s leading AV hire companies – headquartered in Ireland.

Whether it be a company AGM or corporate hospitality through to a multi-stage, outdoor festival or even just the simple hiring of a projector for some in-house training, PURE AV believes that each event should be dealt with in the same professional manner – regardless of the size of the event.

Our aim is to leverage our unique technical AV and Sound engineering expertise in order to allow you to optimize the benefits of modern day presentation technology – but with the minimum of fuss.

Many clients have the infrastructure in place for VGA (HD15) cables. However, many if not most, laptop manufacturers are no longer adding VGA connections to their laptops. It’s going to be important to have a way to connect these new devices to your existing AV system.  Typically for short cable runs (under 35’) we can pull a plenum rated HDMI cable. For longer runs we recommend an HDMI over CAT5/6/7 video balun system. These systems use a special transmitter to convert the HDMI signal to a CAT cable and then a matching receiver back to HDMI at the display.

Lately, we’ve been seeing mini HDMI adapter cables, Display Port, Mini Display Port, DVI and even the need to connect iPads. Fortunately these adapters are fairly inexpensive and readily available if purchased ahead of time, so consider them when evaluating conference room technology purchases this year.

Using a web based “conference” may be okay for one-on-one meetings. However, for a professional conference or boardroom they are totally lacking in video quality, audio quality, bandwidth allocation and reliability. There is a reason one service is free and the other is several thousands of dollars. What is your image worth to you? There are many AV manufacturers getting into this specialty which will really help you find something in your conference room technology budget.


PURE AV can handle any size conference for you; we understand that from a small 20pax meeting to an international forum with thousands of delegates, it comes down to you the client/event organizer. We will work closely with you to make sure that everything is perfect on the day. No matter what the venue, no matter how big or small the numbers, our clients get the same level of professionalism and service in addition to the best products lines and technical ability.

For All your Corporate audio visual needs, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

Fine Tips for Selling a diamond Ring for Cash

There are numerous purposes behind choosing to offer your undesirable precious stones and fine gems. You may be looking for passionate discharge from a broken relationship, requiring crisis money, buying or rebuilding your home, or overhauling your adornments for something more in vogue.

What Is It Worth?

After you choose to sell diamond ring for cash, the first question is: What is it worth? Basically, your gems is justified even despite what another person is eager to pay for it. In any case there is a distinction between assessed esteem and business sector esteem. Most examinations are not a substantial marker of the value of your adornments or precious stones. You might just get somewhere around 10% and 20% of the assessed worth. An examination can be issued for diverse reasons. Now and then, a high evaluation is utilized as a promoting device by a retailer who needs his client to accept he got an extraordinary arrangement. Insurance agencies likewise wouldn’t fret expanded evaluations, on the grounds that the premiums clients pay are focused around the submitted quality. On the off chance that you need an exact evaluation of your precious stone or gems’ worth, have it evaluated by a free appraiser who has no enthusiasm for it. In the matter of precious stones, regularly examinations are not exact as to the color and clarity. There are no industry rules, models or government regulations as to the precision needed for portraying adornments or its esteem.

Precious stone Grading Certificates

In the event that your precious stone accompanied a testament from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, you will have the capacity to get a substantial offer via telephone or messaged to you. There are other precious stone reviewing labs, yet GIA is reliably the most precise. On the off chance that you are offering a precious stone that is likely justified even despite more than $5000 and you have two weeks time, you should seriously mull over having your jewel affirmed by the GIA.

The most effective method to Sell Jewelry Quickly

So where do you go in the event that you need to offer your fine gems or precious stones rapidly?


You may first converse with your companions or relatives, and check whether anybody is keen on obtaining your gems. Notwithstanding, it is not likely you will discover a purchaser along these lines, and you may make pressure in your kinship by debating the gems’ quality.

Advertisement in the Local Paper

You may additionally consider putting a notice in your nearby daily paper. Due to the predetermined number of potential purchasers, it might be hard to discover a qualified buyer ready to provide for you full market esteem.


How to organize events – basic ideas

The success of an event depends on couple of factors but good planning comes first. If you love to organize event, you should make sure to prepare everything in advance like venue selection, list of guests and menu. It is also necessary to arrange tables, chairs, speakers, music and limo for your event. If necessary, you can also arrange parking and entertainment sources. However, you cannot make all this arrangement within few days instead it takes more time. It is wise to prepare a plan in advance so that you can acquire your desired goals. If you want to make event successful, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Select your desired venue

The first step is the selection of venue or location where you want to organize the event. You can select hotels, restaurants, beaches and clubs for your event. However, the venue should be close to your house. It should be easy to find by your guests. The venue should provide all types of facilities like parking, meal and catering to guests. It is recommended to visit many venues so that you can select a right one for your valuable gathering.

  1. Meal and catering

What do you want to offer to your guests in meal? You should try to offer best meal to your guests so that you can win their hearts. You can choose from wide range of dishes and recipes. Always select a menu that is acceptable for all guests. The catering should be comfortable and beautiful.

  1. Limo service

In order to transport your guests from hotel to venue, it is necessary to find the limo service. You should book the limo service in advance. You can hire one or more limos for quality and comfortable service. It depends on number of your guests.

  1. Entertainment

You should try to offer best entertainment to your guests. You can use songs, music, videos and other services to entertain the guests. The use of audio visual service is also best for this task. The Mississauga disc jockey provides all types of entertainment and conference equipments on customer demand. It would be a nice decision to hire this firm for events.


Choose Swimming Pool Cleaning Services For Peace Of Mind

Choose Swimming Pool Cleaning Services For Peace Of Mind


Everyone who has ever had to clean a large home pool knows that keeping it sparkling and blue takes a lot of work and great effort. A person often does not have time to spend cleaning when you could be swimming instead. Others try but do not have the inclination or knowhow to maintain the fine balance that is required to keep a pool gleaming and inviting. It is no wonder that there is demand out there for pool cleaning services. Some services may be as basic as vacuuming the pool on a regular basis while others may go as far as incorporating all aspect of maintaining a pool no matter the season. Some service companies are able to do the whole spectrum of services to a pool from installation to renovation, monthly maintenance and ongoing upkeep.


Even in winter months when your pool is not being used, a pool service company will still make regular visits to your home to ascertain what your pool needs to prevent it from turning green. Pools might seem like they need extra attention during the summer months while they are being used but in fact it is during the winter months where special attention needs to be given to keep your pool sparkling. Winter brings with it storms and various other forms of bad weather thus putting your pool at risk of being bombarded with leaves, dirt and grime that the wind may deposit as it blows through your area. A technician is more than likely check going to check that your pool has enough of the necessary chemicals, clean out debris after a storm and pay special attention to the workings of your pool to prevent unnecessary pump breakdowns.


Thanks to the dedication and assistance of these pool technicians, you can be rest assured that by the time the warmer weather rolls around, your pool will be ready and waiting for you to take your first dip. Having a technician on board frees up time and leaves you with one less item to stress about in this hectic world we live in.





Tips to arrange a corporate conference

Corporate conferences are the types of formal meetings. These may last from few hours to a week. The corporate conference is the mirror of a company’s success and elegance. So, these should be flawless and free of errors. Many people prefer to hire an event managing company for arranging their corporate conference. But the others prefer to arrange it themselves. In Brampton, there is a certain trend coming that to arrange many things by themselves. People believe that the services by the event production companies have one or few things left which need to be perfect, so they try to handle everything with their own hands. Here are a few tips which would help you in arranging your own corporate conferences.

First of all, you must have each and everything clear in your mind about the conference. For example, you must know the dates, the timings, and the budget, so that you can plan the next things. After that, you have to decide a venue. If your corporate office has such a hall which you can use, you must use that to save your money. Otherwise, you have to arrange a venue in the nearest location. After that, send the invitations to the participants with the dates, timings and venue written on. Acknowledge the receiving of the invitations by the participants. If possible, try to arrange the traveling and accommodation of the participants nearby.

After that, you have to make the following arrangements like staging, lighting, and audio visual gears. You can also hire Best DJ services in Brampton to host your conference. It will help you in giving the best presentations and hosting the best program ever. In all these arrangements, do not forget to decide a menu to tea or lunch/dinner. Remember to use the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your foods to save the cost of buying and chef hiring.

Finally, get the most vigilant of the staff on the registration desk. Follow the whole conference carefully and try to watch each and every arrangement carefully. Follow your managers and finally, send a letter of thanks to all of the participants afterwards. Best of luck!


Pearl Jewelry Three characters

                                                          Pearl Jewelry Three characters


When many of us hear June, the things that come to mind are the summer months, our favorite holiday destinations and the actual overwhelming contentment floating in the atmosphere. But the one thing with which it also associated is the pearl, which has been the state June birthstone for several centuries.

Within the ancient mythologies, the pearl was of this particular moon, because it was presumed that pearls had been born outside of teardrops involving moon which often fell on the ocean. Of course, throughout history, June’s birthstone displayed numerous traits of these born in this particular month. To its clean and simple overall look, it connected purity, wisdom and loyalty with those that celebrated their birthday throughout June.

The old Chinese presumed the pearls may give endless youth towards the owner and in some cases to this day, they make use of them into cosmetics which can be meant to give a youthful look. The old Greeks presumed that pearls may prevent brides from crying and perpetuate happiness one of several owner’s friends.


The gurus say that whenever you’re looking to buy Pearl jewels, you should focus on three characteristics: luster, a thoroughly clean surface and also the shape. Let’s have a closer look at each and pay attention to what needs to be your emphasis:


This is actually the most important characteristic of the pearl. This luster is what gives its worth. Pearls which look also dull or perhaps chalky certainly are a sure indicator of low quality. 

Clean Surface 

Oysters usually are real dwelling organisms and it’s nearly impossible to allow them to grow a new pearl with all the surface entirely clean of blemish. These kinds of blemish glimpse as bumps of cracks. The reduced faults such as this, the more beautiful and much more expensive the actual jewel. 


Perfectly spherical pearls are really rare, and are also of quality. But one who looks spherical from about a meter or perhaps two can be good and get it cheaper than a one fourth of the cost of an ideal round one particular. 

Having read the above, at this point you know a lot more than 99% of birthstone consumers and you’ll certainly have the best piece of jewelry for you or one you decide to give the item to.

The Pearls Split History: Part 2

                                       The Pearls Split History: Part 2


Since they are found naturally in various waters during the entire globe, and is used as a June birthstone, the reality surrounding the particular pearl was history are such as the layers on the pearl by itself. Once the utilization of pearls as June birthstone jewelery began, however, the apply never abatted. Ancient Middle Eastern Cultures was the very first to benefit the pearls as jewelry, evidenced with the discovery of a Persian princess who was buried having her pearls jewelry in 520 B. C. Fittingly, the Persians considered pearls to be tears on the gods.

The practice of using pearls as jewelry is thought to have spread from Persia on the ancient Mediterranean world then across the Roman Empire. Some historian feel evidence indicates Julius Cesar innovative his plan across The European countries into Britain with the quest for the freshwater pearls that might be found inside rivers regarding Scotland. 

Emblematic of preciousness and also purity, pearls are usually mentioned as jewelry in Chinese texts as way back as 4, 000 years past. 

The Hindu considered the pearl becoming a gem that was second just to diamonds, associating it while using the “cool” brilliance on the moon. In keeping with Hindu star, “Krishna the Adorable, the 8th incarnation on the great god Vishnu… discovered the pearl any time he came it on the depths on the sea being a gift for his daughter on her wedding day” 

An exciting truth regarding pearls in European cultures in the 13th and also 14th centuries is that the nobility were precise in their regard on the pearl being a symbol regarding status and also wealth. Mimicking the practice on the ancient Romans, a number of classes ended up forbidden using pearls, even when they may afford to purchase them. As an example, lawyers and also teachers couldn’t be seen wearing pearls. This insured that the pearl’s benefit would continue to be high and it is “mystic” undamaged.

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) got a “passion intended for pearls” and also was painted wearing ropes with the organic gems and intricate clothing presenting pearls weaved into the fabric. She often adorned her hair with all the pearls, her crowns presenting pearls of varying sizes. For your Virgin Queen, their wholesomeness was symbolic of the “chaste” image she expected during her reign.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Made in China

Robotic Pool Cleaners Made in China

Like all the advancements being witnessed in there global circle at the present, the Chinese companies have not been left behind in the making of some of the most widely used robotic pool cleaners globally. The developments in the Chinese companies are precipitated by several factors in the Chinese economy which include:

The growth of urban population-in the recent past, China has seen a tremendous growth in the urban centers which has in turn seen the rise in the increased use of swimming pools. The need for cleaner pools has given rise to the increase in research and development of better technologies to make the pools clean.

The rise of an affluent Chinese group-with the rise in the Chinese economic growth, there has been an increase in very highly wealthy individuals in china who have in turn increased the need for better and cleaner pools for their relaxation. This group have the financial muscle to buy and maintain the pool cleaning equipments if need be, but mostly employ the services of pool cleaners who must therefore have good cleaning equipments.

Government incentives-the Chinese government has been involved in the development of technology. Most Chinese industries are thus given good incentives through well planned government policies which are meant to spur economic growth. This has led to an increase in the number of robotic pool cleaning equipments coming from China.

Availability of ready market-the large population in China as well as a large group of super rich individuals in China has made the growth of the robotic technology to be at its fastest pace because they provide a ready market for the equipments. The forces of market demand and supply are thus favorable in China.

Cheap labor-with the largest population globally China has an unmatched potential for cheap labor which is both skilled and unskilled leading to the developments in technology.

All these factors can be supported by the fact that it is in china where we have the 2014 new arrival automatic intelligent robot vacuum cleaner a product of  Shenzhen Yushengchang technology company limited, one of the most active and innovative Chinese companies whose machines are also known globally for their strength and quality.

There are several robotic pool cleaners from China which one can sample and test, it is usually the user who has the liberty of choice on what to use.


Tips in Selling your diamond Ring

In the matter of jewel evaluating, the specialists will have a degree from the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. The reviewing scales utilized as a part of the business today (shade, clarity, cut evaluation) were made by GIA. Subsequently GIA graduates are commonly the most taught on the best way to appropriately review a precious stone.

Avoid money for sell a diamond ring stores and quick money advancements.

Areas that purchase gold as their essential business regularly publicize that they purchase precious stones also. The trouble is that these areas are truly just intrigued by the gold.

There are two things that are basic with the money for gold organizations:

• They regularly offer just an insignificant sum for the precious stones.

• They don’t know how to legitimately review them.

Gold is a genuinely simple count focused around the business cost – precious stones are significantly more intricate.

Be savvy about your exploration.

Remain faithful to trustworthy audit destinations and do your exploration. Trust destinations like the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and audit locales that consider client audits specifically on their destinations, for example, Angie’s rundown.

“Free” positioning locales about Top Diamond Buyers are generally not what they claim to be. Work with an organization who has earned their notoriety as opposed to one that has obtained it through smart Internet advertising.

4. Don’t send the jewel or precious stone piece to an organization that makes a guarantee to you a high esteem or needs to utilize your Paypal record.

Shockingly with fake survey destinations additionally come a modest bunch of other Internet tricks. Here are some helpful tips:

• If you are attempting to offer a precious stone piece mainly on a stage that permits you to post something available to be purchased in your nearby town, don’t send your jewel piece to anybody other than an organization, paying little heed to what number of messages you get from Paypal saying trusts have been stored into your record.

• Choose an organization that is effectively available by telephone, has a block and mortar office and that you feel good with.

• Stay far from organizations that send high values by means of email quotes.