How To Become A Plastic Surgeon Or An Orthodontist

Plastic surgery is a specialty medical practice concerning with the restoration or correction of the form and function of the body. When we think of plastic surgery, the first thing that comes into our minds is cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery however, that is not the case. The field is not limited to cosmetic and aesthetic surgery only, it is important that reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery and hand surgery are some of the few reason of this field’s existence.

How to become a plastic surgeon requires a lot of hard work and persistence. First off, during your high school years, you have to study hard and acquire good grades to be able to get in to a decent university of college. If you find yourself as an excellent student, then aim for the well-known university as it will help you later on in your career. Nevertheless, aim for the schools that are prestigious in the department of biology or premed. And remember, having a good grade in high school will be your passes to entering these schools. Mind you that getting into these schools is insanely difficult, although your choices of schools will be your advantage as these schools are always competing with each other.

If you are more interested in the field of dentistry then you might want to look at orthodontist profession. To become an orthodontist, the preparatory education includes four years for undergrad or premed, followed by another four years in an accredited medical orthodontic school, and lastly another three to four years in hospital residency. The long years of education and training however is well worth it. A top medical profession salary research firm Medsalaryguide states that an orthodontist salary can go over $200K a year. The schooling duration is quite different from that of the plastic surgeon. Board certification and advance training are required to become a qualified orthodontist while clinical experience is paramount. An orthodontist is a doctor of surgery who specializes in treating dental problems. They are also called as tooth surgeons. You can also specialize in many fields such are sports medicine, wound care, surgery, diabetic care, dermatological, orthopedics and children pediatrics.

To make it into plastic surgeon schooling, it will take you four years of undergrad schooling which will be your premed or medical school. And then another four to five years of residency and specialty training and during these times, this is where you will get your training on becoming a plastic surgeon. In the past years, plastic surgery has increasingly become a popular field and in turn, it has been one of the most competitive specialties in the practice of medicine. The reason for this intense competition is because of the trend in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery where almost everybody wants to have the perfect nose, the perfect eyes, the most pouting lips, the beautiful face without the crows feet and wrinkles. And it just doesn’t stop there, obesity is one of the common problems of Americans today, so liposuction and body sculpting is another never ending race to have the perfect body. And of course with these being said, there is a lot of potential of making a lot of money in this field if that will be your motivation of becoming a plastic surgeon.

Visiting The Health Blog Maintained By Ira D. Riklis

Look around the internet and you will understand that there is no dearth of health blogs. Almost everyone seems to have a health blog during these times. However, upon closer inspection of the contents presented in these blogs, you will realize a common factor – most of the authors would jot down the well-known tips and strategies to lead a disease free life. The health blog maintained by Ira D. Riklis is different. Someone who really cares for his health maintains this web blog and thus you are only going to come across practical tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ira takes advice that has been time tested and proven extremely successful and lists it in his health blog. For instance, you might read posts pertaining to the health benefits of eating fermented foodstuff to the effects of legalizing marijuana. Everything that comes in between is present in this interesting blog. The time has come to dispel all the usual misconceptions that you might be holding on to in order to live a healthy lifestyle. For some, eating fermented food might appear disgusting. Nevertheless, do you realize that fermented food can help in saving your life and keeping you away from some kind of cancers that will grow within the digestive system?

This health blog maintained by Ira is radically different from the other blogs you might have come across by this time. You can start applying the healthy strategies listed in the blog to make your life and the life of your loved ones better. Expecting mothers can also access hordes of information about their dietary habits and the proper way to eat healthier in order to have a safe pregnancy. Being pregnant is a huge responsibility and you will have to exercise strict controls over unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking while carrying a baby.

The next time you are in the mood to read some health oriented articles, head over to the blog maintained by Ira. For a start, you are never going to be disappointed with that decision. Let us know what you think by providing your valuable feedback as comments to the blog posts.


Actor Lee Min Ho Didn’t Look Bad Before Plastic Surgery

We may think plastic surgery is the answer to all our problems. Actually it is not. Just as money is not the answer to all our problems as well. The more important thing we have to fix in ourselves is not our physical looks but our perspective among things. Some people can try all the cosmetic procedures they can have and still ends up feeling insecure and unsure about themselves. I hope that people will to realize that each one of us is created unique. But this is not the case for some of the culture in other parts of the world like South Korea, Thailand and Philippines. There have been a lot of plastic surgery procedures being done in this country and it continually grows as the years go by. These has been because of the influences of celebrities and well known people who have gone through plastic surgery themselves. One example is the issue about Lee Min Ho plastic surgery. Lee Min Ho is a very famous South Korean actor. He has starred in a lot of movies that gained popularity in different countries around the world. 

There were people talking about Lee Min Ho nose job. I have not seen any confirmed information about this and neither Lee Min Ho talked about this issue. Some people claimed to have seen Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after photos at but we cannot just believe about this either. There were also write ups and articles that says Lee Min Ho does not look bad before he had gone through a cosmetic surgery but until this information is just a hear say, then it is not really under our authority to talk about these things as this is considered as gossiping.

We have to be aware that plastic surgery is starting to get common nowadays. Whether you are pro plastic surgery or anti plastic surgery, we must all understand that above all these issues there a lot of greater things we can think and worry about. In this world where we have very diverse cultural backgrounds and belief, we must all focus on how our world can be a better place. We can get to this state if we are willing to nurture our relationships with our families and friends. Being kind and helping other people are one of the key elements we need to learn because beauty has to start from our hearts. Plastic surgery can probably make you beautiful on the outside, but if we actually realize the reality, those intangible things are what actually lasts and what we can pass on to the next generation.

In my opinion, all of us are made unique and beautiful in our own way. It is really up to us to cultivate this and use it for good so that we may be able to contribute something that is more relevant that physical looks. Beauty is not just about what is seen. Beauty is something that we can feel witness and carry with us our entire lives and this will only be possible through giving love and kindness to other people. 

Actress Melanie Griffith Looked Much Better Before Plastic Surgery

Everybody wants to keep a youthful glow. Looking young and pretty is very important especially to women. This is why many women now consider plastic surgery as a great and fast alternative to youthful beauty. However, plastic surgery has many disadvantages. Aside from the fact that it is harmful, it can also cause problems in your physical appearance. There are some plastic surgeries that have failed over the years. If you will search over the Internet, you will see Melanie Griffith plastic surgery photos, one example of a failed plastic surgery.

Melanie Griffith’s Series of Plastic Surgery

If you think Melanie Griffith went for a plastic surgery just once, she wouldn’t look like what she is right now. Apparently, she had plastic surgery not just once, but many times since 1995. At first, she just had her lips done and had various fillers in her lips as the photos shows here at A year after, another addition to her plastic surgery gave her a bigger lips. It was also visible that she had added more fillers to her face.

When she was 42 (that was 1998), there came more rumors about Melanie Griffith face lift surgery. Her plastic surgery list became longer with brow lift, Botox, and even upper eyelid lift. In 2000, people recognized her new cheeks before she was checked into a rehabilitation center due to drug and alcohol addiction. Years after she went out of rehab, people again noticed changes on her face and eventually, lots of alterations were recognized from Melanie Griffith plastic surgery before and after photos on the Internet.

Before Plastic Surgery: A Prettier Melanie Griffith

Everybody can say that Melanie Griffith looked much better before her plastic surgery. Melanie came from a celebrity family which gave her good genes. Sadly, she didn’t take good care of those genes and made a mistake which she did repeatedly.

Melanie Griffith started acting young and she really had the looks and talent for a famous Hollywood actress. By the time she’s just working on her major film “Working Girls,” Melanie Griffith held a magnificent and charming look on her face, which made her a famous celebrity. She was really beautiful and sexy before she went under plastic surgery. But now, seeing Melanie Griffith plastic surgery pics, it’s somewhat disappointing to think that a famous woman who just wants to look younger and more beautiful turned into someone who isn’t even recognizable at all. 

Charities Combating Human Trafficking

Recently, I reveiwed a non-profit called Restore NYC and the work they do to combat human trafficking. Human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings. Exploitation places human beings in undesirable positions to become unwilling sex slaves, forced laborers, servants. Charities and non- profit organizations across the globe are taking a stand against human trafficking. In fact, these organizations are building barriers and roadblocks to put an end to human suffering.

The problem is an international one, and it is often times complicated. Victims of human trafficking are tricked, enticed, coerced, and preyed upon, only after they have bonded, and trusted their traffickers. Children and domestic workers are the most vulnerable, and are at a higher risk of being the next victims.

Although, human trafficking violates human rights, trafficking also destroys the mind, body and soul. Victims suffer rape, psychological and verbal abuse, pregnancy and STDs including AIDS.

How Charities and Non-Profit Organizations are Combating Human Trafficking

There are numerous charities and organizations that are raising awareness of this growing epidemic. They are working in communities to protect the individuals that are most at risk to become victimized or scammed. One method that the organizations use that is most effective, is to alleviate the conditions that lead people to become part of the human trafficking cycle.

Yet, other charities and organizations focus on rescue missions that will free those victims held against their will. Once the victims are freed they are integrated back into their families, and into society. The positive part of combating human trafficking is the enormous support the organization get from other organizations and charities around the world. These charities include; United States Fund for UNICEF, Vital Voices Global Partnership, Polaris, International Rescue Committee, Equality Now and several more supporters, who are fighting against human trafficking.

The Truth behind Human Trafficking

People don’t want to sell their souls, or become part of a degrading system that demoralizes them. However, certain social statuses, poverty and lack of financial assistance contributes to much of the human trafficking. It all boils down to one important fact; individuals want a better life for themselves and for their families.

When an opportunity presents itself as being the answer to numerous problems, many unsuspecting women, children and families jump on the band wagon. Unfortunately, fraudulent promises of a better life, a great job, and lots of money have lured millions of people into the world of human trafficking.

What will you do when you need to charge the devices?

In an event all of the equipment cannot be on the direct supply of power, some of the devices are operated on batteries and they need to be charged in a timely manner.  Some of the devices that are used as an accessory with the AV equipment need to be charged constantly. Likewise laptops and the tablets are mostly need to be charged. This scenario is most commonly seen when there are a large number of participants an every participant have their own individual laptops. These laptops and the tables need to be charged if they are to be used for a longer period of time. In events you must have seen the participants might have marathon discussions. Now from the prospect of the event organizer it is the responsibility of the organizer to provide charging options for the participants, most of the organizers prefer to provide the tablets to the participants so that the participants can be indulged in to the event and to make the event more interesting. When you have so many tablets to charge how many charging sockets you need?

The Conference setup company always has a safe and secure method of charging the tablets, randomly more than eighteen tablets can be charged at the same time using the tablet charging cart. The charging cart is not only used for charging the tablets, but it is also useful from security point of view. There are different shelves in charge card that makes it different from other carts, the power strips are built inside the shelves for convenient charging.  The good thing about the charging cart is the lock that it has to offer. You can place the tablets on  the shelves and can get them charged with locking them inside. The Conference room audio solutions company is responsible for temperature variation of the devices; the tablets can be allowed to be charged inside the cart because the court has already got ventilation system. There is a fan integrated at the backside of the cart so that the air can be made to flow from inside to outside. These carts can be purchased online; some companies also offer these carts for rent also.

Salient features of Av equipment Toronto

Do you need AV Solutions Toronto? If you are looking to raise your company growth abruptly, you can get this chance for optimum results. It will assist and help you very much to cope with all types of problems with ease. Now advertisement, marketing and presentation have become essential tools of every business. The business owners conduct conferences, speeches and meetings for this task. They prepare presentations to convey information related to company features to their guests. Hence it is a best way to enjoy the business growth. If you need to make your conference or meeting successful, you can follow many steps. First of all focus on your objective factor so that you can get your goals. You can work on your objective to gather information. Don’t try to make your speech or presentation too complicated or difficult because it will harm your status. The people don’t like to hear boring or confused speeches. You will face some problem in this way. The solution of such deals is very simple. You can divide your presentation into many steps or stages. These steps will help you to cover all the basic points with ease.

Be concise and specific in your presentation. Do not cover extra or additional information in your speech. You should stick to your point or objective. The speech should be short and concise because it can help you very much. It helps the guests to store your information in their minds. You can also provide the broacher or pamphlet to your visitors to help them. It is a best and very effective idea to win the heart of guests. The quality or performance of speakers, sound system and other things is also very mandatory. You can do many things to perform well. The audio firms can deliver you best level services. Hence it is a best method to get your success or achievement. Now Av equipment Toronto has become a name of quality service and salient features. It is a top level firm because its services are very simple and easily available. Now audio services are used and applied by the majority of people to have business benefits.  

The techniques to seduce the minds of audience in event/ conference

The success of any event gets ensured by creating the interest for the audience. Those events yield more than hundred percent results in which audience get involved right from the core of their heart and mind. Actually the objectives of majority of events or conferences are to deliver some kind of awareness and the message to the targeted people. This task gets completed in real sense when the people receive the message with open minds and try to take part in the event with their own will. In short creating the interest of audience is the basic need for the success of the event. In the following line some practical idea are incorporated to seduce the minds of the audiences so that they could take interest in the event and receive the message of the event.


The most effective way to create interest for the audience in the event is placing some sort of incentive for them. In this way a kind of self interest gets developed and in the result participants of the conference starts taking large interest in the event. However, it is important to decide which kind of incentive will be suitable for the audience depending upon the nature and taste of the audience. Most of the time in corporate type of events or conferences promotional samples or gifts is the incentives. But in intellectual and educational type of conferences it is better to provide the participation/ appreciation certificate to the participants.


It is observed that a large number of general participants in the events like to enjoy music and concert type environment which could be arranged by Audio visual equipment rental. Taking in view this fact it is better to arrange the entertainment program for the audience especially during the break time of the event with the use of Av rental services. In this way not only the audience feels relief from the monotonous work of the conference but also their mind gets fresh and they start the proceedings of the conference with new zeal and zest. The above mentioned are few practical techniques which could boost the chance of success of the event and one could use these tactics for his/her event.    


Why Avail The Services Offered By A Locksmith In Camas?

The locksmiths of this generation will have to take into account of your security seriously. Only then, they can even think about remaining in this business for the many years to come. There are certain aspects that will separate the best from the rest of the locksmiths. What are these aspects and how can we learn more about them? A locksmith in Camas should be happy to offer their services on all the days of the year. This includes weekends and even on the holidays. Some of the locksmiths have the habit of not keeping their words (they will not be available when you call them for service).

An excellent way to learn more about the quality of service that you can expect from the locksmiths in the region is to go through the reviews that the others have written for them. These reviews can be enlightening while offering interesting snippets of information. All auto locksmith services must be available from these professionals. We will have to avail the expertise of the locksmiths, upon realizing that there is some issue with the ignition system of the vehicle. Additionally, people opt for such services when they lock themselves out of their vehicles.

Locksmiths also offer their expertise to open residential and commercial locks. Door opening and repairing is an easy task for the experienced professionals. They will have the dexterity to change, install or even repair the locks. If you have ever wondered about installing high security systems, then it will be better to initiate discussions with the locksmiths. The locksmiths can also help to make master key systems for commercial complexes. It is likewise necessary to install access control systems under the careful supervision of a locksmith. If you wish to evaluate the existing security measures implemented in the home or office, the advice given by a locksmith might turn out to be highly useful.

Receiving fast and responsive services from these locksmiths is all about placing a call. In the case of automobile emergencies, the experienced team will be right at your location within an hour of calling them. No obligation quotes coming from these locksmiths make their services appear more appealing. Since there is not any obligation to avail the services, the customer will feel at ease to evaluate the quotes and to offer the job to someone who asks for a reasonable rate.

Always ensure that the team has proper insurance coverage and the license to provide their services in your area. In case of damages incurred when the team is working with your property, it is possible to ask for the necessary compensation directly from the insurance company sponsoring the team of locksmiths. The locksmiths understand that their customers are searching for the most professional service providers in the area. In order to entice the customers, these locksmiths would offer extended warranty periods too. Typically, the locksmiths would provide a 90-day written warranty period – which is more than ample if you think about it.

Senior citizens can avail discounted services from the auto locksmiths. However, do bear in mind that not everyone will be ready to offer such freebie discounts and other offers. Contact the right professionals and try to find simple solutions to complex issues such as locking yourself out of your home or car.

What are the advantages of the single rack mountable unit?

It is easier for an event organizer to have the arrangement at a place where they have enough margins in terms of space. But the events are not just organized at places like halls where you get enough space, but these events are also organized to the places where you don’t have much space to offer. In that case, what will event organizers do? Obviously the equipment’s that are used in events are not of the same size and shape, but there are different sizes and shapes of the equipment’s. When there is an issue of mounting the equipment’s there are racks used, the idea is to mount the equipment’s in racks. Now you must have understood that the devices that are to used need to have the space and it is never easy to place the equipment’s separately as the equipment’s are also connected to each other using cable.

Coming back to the space issue, the companies are well prepared of the scenarios like these in which they have to organize an event with all the necessary equipment’s. In that case they use racks that are tall in shape and are wide enough to accommodate all the equipment’s used in mid -sized events. The racks are made available for rent also but when you hire a company like Toronto audio visual, they provide racks along with the equipment so that the space can be made available for the audience and the stage. This space issue is not the single issue that is resolved by the racks but there are other issues that can also be addressed using the racks likewise it is easy to mount and un-mount the equipment in racks. The plugging of the cables can be done using the back side of the racks and the racks are designed with sophisticated techniques by the manufacturers. These racks are also easy to move because they are being made moveable on purpose. The movement of the rack means you can move many devices at the same time. Event production Toronto has all kinds of moveable racks for the clients because they are easily managed by the clients as well.